Are you tired of getting a different dentist every time you go to the dentist’s office?

So are we.

We’re not your average dentist.


We’ve worked as staff in numerous dental offices. We see how frustrating it is for the patient when the dentist changes from visit to visit. I get that dentistry is a very intimate thing, and you want it to be the same person who is looking inside your mouth.

I’m Dr. Mike Seo, and I’m the owner and the only doctor at Morton Ranch Dental. Somewhere down the line, I plan to add only one more associate who stays for the long haul. That is the max.

I love the Houston area, and I plan to stay. No corporation owns me; this is my practice, and I will keep it mine. I feel strongly about this, because I think it is wrong when dental clinics and corporate dentistry chains decide to put their interests before their patients’. I wanted to have complete control over my own office – Morton Ranch Dental – so you can have the best dental experience.

On a lighter note, it’s just kinda icky when you don’t know who’s going to be putting their hands in your mouth, no?

Come give us a try. You’ll be glad you did.

We’re the local dentist who will change your views on dentists forever!

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