I’m Dr. Mike Seo (pronounced like “say-oh”), owner and operator of Morton Ranch Dental.

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Like most new businesses, there is a story that tells its journey.  This Katy dental practice has roots in New York City, where two immigrants from South Korea started a new life for better opportunities.

As immigrants, my parents had a mix of values.  They were conservative and stern, but they adopted new American ideals in order to succeed.  Their new environment made them think differently, which made them successful.  Of course, when I was a child, I did not understand any of this.  I just thought I looked different and had parents who’d talk to me in an angry sounding foreign language.

I did what every motivated immigrant child did: I did well in school, attended college at New York University, and found myself in dental school at NYU as well.  I did a residency in Lincoln Hospital affiliated with Cornell Weil Medical Center where I gained extensive surgical experience placing implants and removing wisdom teeth.  I then found myself in Lubbock, Texas afterwards to join the workforce.

Now as an adult, I started to reflect on what my parents’ lives meant for me.  My parents sacrificed everything for me. They did it so I could have a better life than they did, and it would have been a waste of their journey if I didn’t use that opportunity to make a positive influence on the lives of others. I was so lucky: I was born in the US and never needed to leave for another country for a better life.  I never had to change, but my parents taught me that one should always be changing.  Learn new things, enrich your life, engineer your life for innovation – these are the lessons I have learned from them.

I ended up traveling through West Texas and New Mexico, providing affordable dentistry to underserved communities. During that time, I made it a point to learn Spanish so that I could effectively communicate with my patients.  I started to see the lessons my parents gave me intertwine with my career.  I started to see my mission and understood that I could implement the lessons of my parents to see it through.

As much as I loved the people of West Texas and New Mexico, I missed city life, so I moved here, to Houston.

It was here I was able to set up my own practice, and not only get to know local families, but provide the best service possible.  Here at Morton Ranch Dental, our job is to make a child’s first dental appointment go so smoothly that they’ll never develop a fear of the dentist, or to give someone the confidence knowing that they’ll have a beautiful smile restored. Ultimately, through excellent service and state of the art technology, we want to eliminate your cavities, restore your dental health, and become your lifelong dental practice.

In life, I have chosen to practice these lessons of innovation and passion, learned from the marriage of two very different generations.  I invite you to experience these principles at my practice, Morton Ranch Dental.

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