Dentistry for Kids – Dr. Seo and staff are happy to see patients of all ages, and children as young as 3. We treat families all over Houston and the surrounding areas, and we’ve found that it’s incredibly convenient when families share a dentist.

We know that going to the dentist for an adult can be difficult, but it can be a major challenge for a child. When treating kids, Dr. Seo makes your child feel at ease. One way of doing that is by using laughing gas, a very safe tool in managing a child’s anxiety. He also uses a certain anesthesia technique, which takes a little longer, but virtually eliminates the pain associated with an injection, making our dental clinic the go-to choice when you’re searching for a kids dentist. Oral sedation is also offered if needed. For the extreme cases, we refer to a great pediatric dentist.

We think it’s important to create a comfortable experience for the patient – especially the pediatric patient – so that as adults, a fear of the dentist will have not been developed. We wish to create a positive association to the dentist, which will last for a lifetime.