Alexis was born and raised in Houston and currently lives there with her husband – Aaron, and son – Little Aaron : ) The minute she started her career in dentistry, she immediately fell in love with dental care. She is passionate about what she does, and her commitment to her patients is profoundly noticed.

Alexis worked as a dental assistant with Dr. Seo in Baytown for about a year and a half. She loved assisting with surgeries such as implant placements, bone grafts, and wisdom teeth removals. While being able to make jokes with the doctor and patient, Alexis was extremely professional and knowledgeable. Her natural ability for making someone feel at ease, while working with ninja-like capabilities, allowed her to truly impact the dental experience of all her patients.

Dr. Seo is extremely grateful and fortunate to have Alexis a part of his team. She is a valuable asset anywhere she goes, and we’re glad she’s making the commute to Katy!

We will have more information about Alexis as we get her picture up!!!

Thanks to Alexis, you can ensure that you get the best possible dental care in Katy. Contact us today!

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