Here at Morton Ranch Dental, we’re all about making sure that your visit to the dentist isn’t scary. Isn’t it just easy to picture your dentist as some crazed sugar detractor with a power drill? Thankfully, your dentist in Katy, Texas just isn’t like that. Our goal is to make sure that you have the happiest, healthiest teeth. After all, our motto is that “our dentistry is minimally invasive, our technique – progressive.”

5 Easy to Implement Habits That Make Your Visit to the Dentist a Success

  • At Morton Ranch Dental, we'll make sure that it's not.
    At Morton Ranch Dental, we’ll make sure that it’s not.

    First of all, if you’re not brushing multiple times a day, that’s the best place to start. Morning, noon, and night (and more if you feel the need!) are ideal. Follow the basic brushing rules (small circles, brush for a few minutes, etc) and you’ll be all set.

  • Despite what some blogs would have you believe, it’s still a good idea to floss. Just because some blogger on the internet says you don’t have to floss anymore doesn’t mean you don’t still have little pieces of food getting stuck in there. Free the food, friends!
  • Lastly, don’t forget the mouth wash. Pretty much any brand or flavor will do and it’s a great way to get rid of the bacteria you may have missed that’s hanging out on your tongue. Plus it makes your breath smell incredible, so it’s really a win/win.

Of course we’d be happy to provide you with additional suggestions when you’re here for your appointment that are tailored specifically to suit your dental needs. Schedule your visit to your go-to dentist in Katy today!