Welcome back to the Morton Ranch Dental blog! Yes, you did read that title right. “Can they really be suggesting that a trip to the dentist will make me a better person?” you ask. Again, yes; that’s exactly what we’re suggesting!

  • 9280-3Responsibility. Knowing that you have an annual visit to the dentist keeps you responsible. Knowing that another person is going to see how good of care you take of your teeth makes you accountable for actually taking care of them!
  • Punctuality. Having an appointment at the dentist means that you have to be on time, teaching you punctuality. We just hope that we’re not the only time you’re on time to your appointments during the year.
  • Charm. Interacting with humans can be a real challenge. Making small talk isn’t a skill that comes naturally for many people, so the opportunity to practice with a Katy, TX dentist who won’t judge you is perfect!
  • Patience. Although we work hard to be minimally invasive, it can still be a bit of a challenge to sit still for the duration of your appointment. Luckily for you, that just means that you’re learning a little patience.

There you have it! Schedule an appointment with Morton Ranch Dental today so you can be a better human tonight!

All joking aside, a regular trip to the dentist is never a bad idea and we do have a couple of legitimate reasons that we think you should choose us. We recommend seeing us twice a year in order to keep your teeth happy and healthy.

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