It’s a normal day for you. You got up early, went for a jog, grabbed a bite for breakfast, headed to the office, and settled into your work routine. That’s when it hits you—you’ve got a toothache! Is it serious enough to warrant a trip to your Katy, TX dentist or should you ignore it?

See a dentist for your toothache.The fact of the matter is that if there’s even a hint of a problem, it’s probably time to stop in and see your local dentist.

Occasional tooth pain is fairly normal, but it’s never a bad idea to visit a dental clinic to see what’s going on. As you probably know, cavities, when left unchecked, can turn into much more serious problems. Early detection can mean prevention of tooth extraction instead of simply filling in a cavity. Sometimes there’s no pain at all until suddenly it’s excruciating. That’s why we also provide our customers with emergency dental care.

Here at Morton Ranch Dental, we want to be the dentist that you can trust when you have a problem. We gladly accept patients of all ages whether they’d like to see a dentist for cosmetic reasons or because they’re experiencing a serious toothache. Regardless of the reason for your visit, we’d love nothing more than to keep your teeth pearly white and your smile glowing bright. If you’re in Katy, TX, dentist Dr. Michael Seo is here to help. Stop in at our location on Mason Road or give us a call at 917-621-6912 today!