“Okay Mr. Smith, here is your treatment plan and it’s going to be 1 million dollars.”

Don’t you hate it when that happens at the dental office?  Well, hopefully you’ve never been presented with a dental treatment plan for one million dollars, but nobody likes it when they’re abruptly presented something with a high price tag.  This also sucks more when it’s your first time in that dental office.

So we get that it’s important to get to know you over time to build that relationship, so if we do have to present you that treatment plan of 100 million dollars, you won’t think we’re trying to scam you.  And at that price, your treatment plan will probably come with a 99.99 million dollar home.

For your convenience, we’ve made a list for you to study before your visit.


Likes Dislikes
Alexis Halloween Pink
Dr. Seo Using chopsticks for other things than eating Scary Movies – I already have high blood pressure


Let’s get to know each other.  It makes things better.