top-bannerIn our last blog, we told our readers all about one of our patients who had an incredibly difficult time tracking down a dentist who would provide him with the emergency dental care he needed. Today’s blog will focus on a lesson that that patient learned the hard way. Luckily for you, you can learn from his mistake.

Why Keep Your Dentist’s Number On Hand?

  1. doc-1Once you’ve found a good dentist, you’ll want to go back. We get it—finding a good dentist is hard! It seems like you get stuck with someone whose hands are about five sizes too big to fit comfortably in your mouth or the dentist you’ve been going to doesn’t understand what you mean when you say, “stop, that hurts!”

  2. 2-toothacheA toothache can appear without a moment’s notice. In the case of the patient we mentioned above, he had had very little trouble with his teeth in the past. All of a sudden, he had a toothache and ended up needing a root canal.

  3. regular-visit-3Regular visits are easier when you actually enjoy going to the dentist. Scheduling a regular checkup means you can avoid things like gum disease when they’re caught early enough. Making it a point to visit your dentist regularly is that much easier when you’ve found one you like.

  4. pain4Seeing a friend in pain is tough. By making sure you have your dentist’s number handy, you can be sure that when a loved one needs a recommendation for a dentist, you’ll be there to help. If it’s the number to Morton Ranch Dental, that’s even better!

  5. happy5We care about you! The bottom line is that we want to build a relationship with our patients. We want to make sure that you’re well taken care of when you visit us. There’s nothing better than when there’s a mutual level of trust between a dental clinic and its patients.

At Morton Ranch Dental, You See the Same Dentist Every Time You Visit

If you’re tired of going to a dental clinic and meeting a new dentist every time, you’re in luck. We know exactly how tiring it can be to explain your situation to a different person every single time. That’s why we’ve set up our office with our patients in mind. Come in and get to know Dr. Seo, because that’s exactly who you’ll see each and every time you bring your smiling face into Morton Ranch Dental.

We’ll be completely honest with you—we love our jobs! We’re happy and we want you to be happy too. Want to know more about us? Check out this page about why we’re different (spoiler alert—our focus is on more prevention and less drilling) and then contact us today.

We’d love nothing more than to completely and totally transform the perception you have about dentists. Our goal is to make sure that our phone number is in your phone book as your trusted dentist. Schedule an appointment with your new favorite dentist in Katy, TX today!

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